April Walk and Roll Club

Join us on 
Friday, April 28th
for the
Every Step Counts 
Walk and Roll!

Make Earth Day everyday by by walking and biking instead of driving to school.

Every step counts towards reducing negative impacts on our school's air quality.  When we drive we burn fossil fuels that releases gases and chemicals into the air causing air pollution. Air pollution can make asthma symptoms worse and trigger attacks. Studies show the air quality around schools is worse at arrival and dismissal times. 

Take steps to help protect Netcong students health 
from air pollution and walk and bike today!

Walk or bike on your own or meet us at the 
Netcong Train Station at 7:55 am to join our walking bus.

Students who walk or bike to school receive a backpack charm. 
Charms will be handed out in front of the school by the flag pole.

You did it folks! Your participation in this program helped us win a  Safe Routes to School grant from the state. Let's celebrate our grant award by walking and bicycling to school,
State Announces Safe Routes to School Grants — Chatham and Netcong Receive Awards