Walk & Bike to School Month

Netcong School is participating in 
International Walk & Bike to School Month

When: Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Join students from around the world to celebrate the benefits of walking and bicycling. On Walk & Roll Wednesdays, walk or bike to school on your own or join a walking school bus from the Train Station or DiRenzo Park. Walking buses leave at 8 am. See "Walking School Bus" tab above for the route map. Don't forget to thank your Crossing Guards!

Our Goal: No cars at drop-off! 

Special for this event: Clif Kids stickers, energy bars and fruit rope! Come sign the Clif Kids banner and grab a snack at the front of the school. Plus new backpack charms this month for our Cat Walk (meow).
This month's safety tip: Be safe on Halloween
Be Visible: Always use a flash light, include reflective gear as an added bonus.
Be Safe: Plan ahead what routes you will take, choose well lit roads with slower traffic.
Cross Streets Safely: Stop at the curb and look left, right and left again for traffic.
More Halloween Safety tips: http://www.hsrc.unc.edu/news_room/2009-10-21_halloween.cfm