May Walk & Roll Club

Did you know Stinky Sneakers are endangered?

Celebrate New Jersey Walk and Bike to School Week on Wednesday May 22nd by joining the Stinky Sneaker Walk and Roll to School! 

 From May 20-24, students and parents all over New Jersey will be walking and bicycling to school!  Walk and bike to school events emphasize the importance of issues such as increasing physical activity among children, pedestrian safety, traffic congestion, and concern for the environment.  

The benefits of walking and bicycling to school are abundantly clear!  Go outside to get some exercise and enjoy the beautiful spring weather.  Celebrate NJ Walk and Bike to School Week in May by leaving the car at home and walking or bicycling to school.

Save the Endangered Stinky Sneakers!

Walk or bike to school on your own or join a walking school bus from the Train Station or DiRenzo Park. Walking buses leave at 8 am. See "Walking School Bus" tab above for the route map. 

Students who walk or bike will receive a not-so-stinky backpack charm.