September Walk and Roll Club

Join us on Wednesday September 17th for our 
Back to School Walk and Roll Club

What is the Walk and Roll Club?

On Walk and Roll Wednesdays, students and parents are encouraged to leave the car at home and take walk or ride a bike to school . . .
          • for health
          • for the environment
          • for safer streets 
          • for arriving awake and ready to learn which leads to improved test scores
    Netcong Elementary students who walk or bike to school on Walk and Roll Wednesdays will receive a backpack charm. Charms will be handed out in front of the school by the flag pole. 

    Once you get the hang of walking or bicycling, try it every day.  

    Attention parents and students, our crossing guards are there to help all of us. All students must cross the street at the crosswalk where there is a crossing guard on duty. 

    Bike racks are located at the back of the school by the Board of Education building. Wear a helmet, bring a lock and come around to the front of the school to pick up a celebratory backpack charm. 

    For the list of the Walk and Roll events throughout the year, click here 

    Coming up, October is International Walk and Bike to School Month and another chance for joining the Walk and Roll Club. Rock on!