The World is Walking Walk and Roll Club

The World is Walking  for 
International Walk and Bike to School Day 

Wednesday, October 7

International Walk and Bike to School Day gives children, parents, school teachers and community leaders an opportunity to be part of a global event as they celebrate the many benefits of walking and bicycling. Walkers and cyclists from around the world walk and bike to school together for various reasons — all hoping to create communities that are safe places to walk and bike.

Our Goal: No cars at drop-off! 

This month's safety tip: Be safe on Halloween
Be Visible: Always use a flash light, include reflective gear as an added bonus.
Be Safe: Plan ahead what routes you will take, choose well lit roads with slower traffic.
Cross Streets Safely: Stop at the curb and look left, right and left again for traffic.

For the list of the Walk and Roll events throughout the year, click here 

U.S. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx Shares Message of Support for Walk to School Day, view it here

Turn Over a New Leaf Walk and Roll

Join us on 
Wednesday September 23rd 
for the start of a new year of 
Walk and Roll Club events. 

We are making a fresh start of the school year by turning over a new leaf and considering how grow the educational resources in our school and to help our environment.

What is the Walk and Roll Club?

On Walk and Roll Wednesdays, students and parents are encouraged to leave the car at home and take walk or ride a bike to school . . .

  • for health
  • for the environment
  • for safer streets 
  • for arriving awake and ready to learn which leads to improved test scores
Netcong Elementary students who walk or bike to school on Walk and Roll Wednesdays will receive a backpack charm. Charms will be handed out in front of the school by the flag pole.

Once you get the hang of walking or bicycling, try it every day.

Attention parents and students, our crossing guards are there to help all of us. All students must cross the street at the crosswalk where there is a crossing guard on duty.

Bike racks are located at the back of the school by the Board of Education building. Wear a helmet, bring a lock and come around to the front of the school to pick up a celebratory backpack charm.

For a list of future Walk and Roll Events, see Netcong Walk and Roll Events Calendar

The Walk and Roll Club is back!

The Walk and Roll Club is back!

Join the monthly Walk and Roll Wednesdays by walking or cycling to school. 

Stop by the front of the school to collect backpack charms. Be sure to thank our crossing guards who are out there no matter what the weather. 

Why walk or bike to school?
There are multiple benefits of walking and bicycling including:
  • increasing physical activity
  • teaching safe pedestrian and bicycling skills to students
  • awareness of how walkable and bikeable our community is and where improvements can be made
  • reducing traffic congestion, pollution and motor vehicle speed near schools
  • arriving awake and ready to learn which leads to improved test scores